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Find out about what inspires Paul’s designs, his opinions on design and discover more about his decade-long career at McLaren from designing the P1 and 720s to the 570S and so much more. 

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Overcrest Podcast - A Chat with Paul Howse
Classic Driver Magazine - This is what a McLaren designer drives on the weekend...

An evaluation of 1950’s sportscar design through a series of watercolours focusing on the Mercedes 300 SLR, Jaguar C-Type and Ferrari 857S. Buy a copy here


Ex-McLaren designer turned artist Paul Howse joins the podcast to talk design theory, and the process behind penning two legendary McLarens.... the P1 and the 720s. Click here to listen now


Peer in to the life and loves of Paul Howse. From an accidental obsession with BMW's to a unrepeatable opportunity. This is a must read, click here


Discussing the McLaren 720s design
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Carben - Guangzhou Auto Show

Find out more about the design-thinking and styling behind the McLaren 720s here


Settle down for an honest conversation with Paul and Carben at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The interview includes the ideas an inspiration behind Paul's designs and innovative thinking. Click here to watch


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‘Ever since I was a boy, I’ve been drawing Sportscars’ by Waft.

Featured in this stunning book revealing the real design stories of today’s most important sports cars. With beautiful sketches and images never shown before. Buy a copy of this must-have book here


Interview - McLaren P1 with Paul Howse